Welcome to the Demo section of the Voices by Karl Website!    (Don't forget to scroll down for more!)

DEMO 1: Karl's main commercial radio demo (1:07 - Direct Link):

VIDEO 1: Moose Point Lodge promotional video with Karl's voice talents (2:31 - Direct Link):

DEMO 2: A sample of Karl's work with 121 Community Church (0:35 - Direct Link):

VIDEO 2: Triple H Ranch promotional video with Karl's voice talents (2:13 - Direct Link):

VIDEO 3: Prostretch Plus promotional video with Karl's voice talents (1:17 - Direct Link):

Additional Prostretch Plus videos (including an 8 minute instructional video) available at the MediDyne Youtube Channel.

For voiceover pricing and information, contact Karl at Karl@VoicesbyKarl.com.

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