Hello! I'm Karl. It's great to (virtually) meet you.

Since this page is "About Me," I suppose I'll start with a little general information. I'm a pretty friendly guy, if I do say so myself. I have a wonderful wife, an awesome truck, and the best job ever. Being a Voice Over Artist is definitely a lot of fun for me, but it's also a trade that I take great pride in. I couldn't ask for a better career.

As a professional, my goal is to create quality voice over work for a wide variety of clients. Whether you're looking for a friendly voice for an instructional video or a professional commercial voice for your latest ad campaign, I'm the guy you can count on to deliver. To listen to my wide variety of vocal stylings, visit my Demo Page, or check out my Studio Page to see my state-of-the-art home recording studio. I'm a pretty simple guy to work with, but if you have any questions at all, by all means, please ask!

Thanks for visiting my site and reading about me. Take care - I hope to hear from you soon!
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